The Gardens at James Ranch

Very exciting news!

Mountain Belle Flower Farm is offering guided walking tours of their operation within the Gardens at James Ranch starting June 22nd. For more information and ticketing details, please click here.

Beautiful and regenerative produce and herbs.

regenerative produce durango

The Gardens Contact:

james ranch gardens

Jennifer & Joe Wheeling
(970) 946-4536

Joe and Jenn started The Gardens at James Ranch in 1997 when they took 4 acres of land that the cattle didn't graze on in order to make it "look just like Martha Stewart's garden". Twenty years later and after trying every vegetable in the seed catalog, they have figured out what grows best in the Gardens. Everything is grown using regenerative methods, drip irrigation and cover crops encouraging maximum soil fertility and water conservation.

Sugar snap peas thrive in the warm days and set sugar in the pods during the cool nights making the peas from the Gardens at James Ranch infamous in the area. From late-June to late-August over 2000 pounds of peapods are picked personally by Joe and Jenn. Chefs from high-end restaurants and customers at the James Ranch Market can hardly wait for pea season to start. These peas are so good that some customers require withdrawal counseling at the end of the season – just kidding!

regenerative produce durango

Being at altitude and cool climate keeps squash bugs from wanting to take up residency so squash and pumpkins are another great crop for The Gardens at James Ranch. They grow many varieties of winter squash and pumpkins so their display at the James Ranch Market is not only deliciously edible but also very colorful in September and October.

regenerative produce durango

Rhubarb, black and red currants, table grapes and fruit trees form the core of The Gardens at James Ranch’s perennial crops.

regenerative produce durango