James Ranch Trees, Inc.

James Ranch Trees is yet another of the family owned businesses at The James Ranch, located just north of Durango, CO in the beautiful Animas Valley. This native tree farm specializes in mature, towering (10ft to 25ft) Colorado Blue Spruce. These trees have been nurtured in the pastures of the James Ranch since 1978, kissed by the Colorado sun and watered with the pure Animas River.

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Unlike any other nursery, James Ranch Trees can deliver an elegant spruce tree for your landscape that has already thrived at Durango's altitude and in Colorado’s sun. We specialize in tall, native trees delivered to your door by people who care about the success of those trees. Contact us for an appointment to walk through the trees and chose the perfect one for your home.

Tree Farm Contact:

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Ott Family
(970) 317-0449

The Ott family (John and Julie and their three sons, Gunther, Abe and Stanton) have owned and operated James Ranch Trees since 2000. Julie was raised on the James Ranch and the Otts delight in the fact that their three boys are being raised on the ranch and learning the value of agriculture in their community. John Ott, the son of a forester raised in a mountain town of Colorado is the man to move and plant your trees. With his large tree spades and experience he can safely plant and educate you about the future health of your landscape trees.

durango tree farm

Using his truck mounted tree spades (hydraulic shovels) John is able to successfully transplant a variety of shrubs and trees. He is reliable and happy to consult with you about your site and give you his experienced opinion. John also uses the spade trucks to transplant trees on site or from site to site. Call John before cutting down that tree in the way of your new addition.

Using a holistic approach, the Otts use multi-species grazing to manage the grass in their nursery. They strive to increase the health of the tree farm by pasturing their flock of 300 layer hens among the spruce trees. The hens are free to scratch and dine on the insects living in the grasses.

The young dairy calves as well as a sounder of pigs also help manage the healthy stand of grass growing between the trees.  Multi-species grazing ensures the health of the trees and maximizes the vitality of the soil - the foundation for the success of the tree nursery.